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Glamour Magazine: Space Buns - The hair trend that was everywhere at Coachella

Patrick Wilson, a ghd hair ambassador, has revealed how to get the look...

  1. For a style like this to last all day, you need a good grip and hold in the hair so prep with the ghd root lift spray (£12.95) before blow drying. Then add the ghd total volume foam (£14.95) for lasting volume and fullness…as well as added heat protection when styling!

  2. Split hair into a natural parting with fingers then create two pony tails.

  3. Next, backcomb each of the bunches to created added texture and work each pony tail individually.

  4. Twist the hair and loosely spin into a circular shape to create each of the ‘space buns’. Don’t be too precise with these movements – the looser and messier the better!

  5. Secure in place with pins where necessary and pull out longer pieces of hair at the hairline sporadically for a chicer finish.

TOP TIP: Rather than spraying your up-do once completely styled, try spraying your hair pins and grips with hairspray before putting them into your hair!

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